Access the Global Markets via our Newly Designed & Highly Performant Flexible Architecture

EdgeFX.Pro™, Edgewater’s game-changing proprietary trading platform leverages state of the art technology to deliver the best execution to our global clients.

EdgeFX.Pro™ empowers institutional traders with enhanced market access, improving performance in all market conditions by delivering:

  • Consistent pricing
  • Reliable fill ratios
  • Fast response times
  • Low market impact
  • No fees





Web-Based Platform

provides a highly customizable and easy to use front end, allowing our clients to personalize their trading and user experience.

  • Nothing to download
  • Customized Visualization tools
  • Advanced Algorithms
  • 'Maker' and 'Taker' capabilities
  • Local Language support
  • Mobile

Extremely fast, reliable and secure trade execution from data centers in New York, London, Tokyo, and Mexico City

Global customer service team, with offices in New York, London, Singapore, Mexico City, Monterrey, and Santiago, Chile, provides experienced, professional support 24 hours a day

Liquidity is customized to individual trader and client requirements to ensure optimal price discovery, minimal market impact and unique distribution for Edgewater's liquidity partners

Seamless integration with existing technology reduces operational risk, ensuring efficient order entry and automated trade processing