Edgewater Markets currently provides institutional currency managers and traders a robust, secure, and scalable platform to consume fragmented market data for trading fiat currencies in large size efficiently. Edgewater Market’s battle-tested, proprietary technology has been serving institutional customers for over 10 years and is uniquely positioned to solve the issues faced by institutional money managers and traders in the digital asset space.

Edgewater’s proprietary trading technology helps customers improve price discovery and reduce the cost of trading. Edgewater’s global network with data centers located in Asia, Europe and the Americas provides secure, low latency connectivity for hundreds of customers and liquidity providers in over 50 developed and emerging market countries.

Edgewater has been developing its infrastructure and proprietary technology to design a global trading network for digital assets. Established business processes and institutional trading expertise will enable the Edgewater team to deliver a best-in-class platform to meet the requirements and expectations of professional money managers and traders who are investing in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. We believe Edgewater’s electronic trading infrastructure will play a significant role in
the maturation and growth of the digital asset class.

21 Sep, 2018