Fully customized FX trading

With EdgeFX Custom, you can personalize our flagship trading technology with your brand, workflows and user experience to deliver a truly differentiated FX trading solution to your customers.

Our Technology. Your Vision.

Our modular platform unlocks endless possibilities for creating a unique, sophisticated FX trading system, so you can serve your clients effectively and comprehensively.
EdgeFX Custom empowers you to inject your own liquidity, identity and preferences into our flagship trading system – all with zero development time and expense. Here’s just a taste of what that means.

Set Yourself Apart

EdgeFX Custom isn’t just a branding play – it’s an opportunity to take maximum control and shape an FX trading system for your customers, so you can deliver a curated experience at every step of the trade lifecycle.

Custom Liquidity

Give your customers access to order flow and resting interest from our globally sourced liquidity – or enhance our pricing with your own personalized sources.

Custom Best Execution

Work with us to optimize trade execution and measure performance – or leverage your own proprietary algorithms and analytics.

Custom Workflows

Build endlessly configurable solutions for traders, salespeople, credit and risk professionals and more.

Inside Our Modern FX Trading System

EdgeFX Custom gives your clients everything they need to optimize trading strategies, reduce operational risk and automate workflows – with your identity shining through.

Key Benefits

Consistent pricing, reliable fill ratios and extremely fast and secure trade execution from local data centers
Proprietary high-performance rate engine and smart order router
Ultra-low-latency network and execution algorithms to minimize information leakage
Choice of anonymous or disclosed matching that can settle utilizing our credit intermediaries and your existing relationships
Flexible delivery methods and seamless integration with existing technology systems

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