The Modern
fx trading system
you've been waiting for

Highly modular and built for customization, our flagship electronic trading solution delivers everything needed to optimize trading strategies, reduce operational risk and automate workflows.

Your Gateway to the FX Markets

Tailored to individual traders and client requirements, our powerful FX trading system enables institutional traders to enhance their performance in all market conditions.

Consistent pricing, reliable fill ratios and extremely fast and secure trade execution from data centers in New York, London, Tokyo, Singapore and Mexico City

Order flow and resting interest sourced globally (including bank and non-bank market makers, FX platforms and our own customer order book), supporting all trade sizes, time zones and execution methods, and representing the full scope and depth of the global FX liquidity pool

Proprietary high-performance rate engine and smart order router to enable best-in-class price discovery and algorithmic execution
Ultra-low-latency network and execution algorithms to minimize information leakage
Automated straight-through processing (STP) for efficient and accurate post-trade processing
No-license-fee options, customized to each client
Custom-built liquidity pools for any set of requirements, ensuring optimal price discovery, minimal market impact and unique distribution
Choice of anonymous execution or disclosed matching to support relationship objectives and trading strategies
Trade settlement via our credit intermediaries and/or clients’ existing credit relationships
Choice of maker and taker capabilities, with a robust suite of powerful tools for each
Configurable visualization tools, local language support, mobile support and other elements to create a curated user experience

Technology as Powerful as It Is Flexible

From initial delivery to ongoing reliance, the EdgeFX system is architected to enable seamless implementation, regular enhancement, unparalleled integration and virtually limitless scalability.

Anonymous trading with credit intermediation via Streaming, RFS and RFQ, connecting global clients with local liquidity

Highly customizable web-based platform (delivered via an intuitive GUI) with secure, permissioned access – and nothing to download

FIX-based API fully integrated with low-latency cross-connections, supporting all FX technology and ECN liquidity platforms

Seamless integration with existing technology systems, reducing operational risk and ensuring efficient order entry and automated trade processing

Expert. Localized. Supportive.

Everything banks, asset managers, hedge funds, brokers and other financial institutions need to get the most out of our advanced FX trading system

Global, multilingual customer service team offering 24-hour support, with offices in New York, London, Singapore, Mexico City, Monterrey and Santiago
Intimate knowledge of local and regional markets, including the unique workflows, settlement processes, custodial processes and liquidity landscapes that define each
Deep expertise in ultra-low-latency foreign exchange execution, open-source development and liquidity management across our team

Our Technology, Your Vision

With EdgeFX Custom, our clients can personalize our flagship trading technology with their own brand, workflows and user experience to deliver a truly differentiated FX trading experience to their own customers.

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