Edgewater Markets Launches EdgeFXAsia

FX technology provider Edgewater Markets announced today the launch of EdgeFXAsia powered by Edgewater Markets’ ultra-low latency proprietary technology.

Founded in 2009, Edgewater Markets has been a trusted provider of Foreign Exchange services to over 350 global institutional clients, offering complete software solutions for banks, asset managers, brokers, and other financial institutions to competitively and efficiently access and price into global markets.

The firm has a long-standing presence in TY3 FX data centre, where it hosts its proprietary ultra-low latency trading engine. Together with regional hosting of EdgeFXAsia, the proprietary HTML5 GUI developed by Edgewater Markets, clients can now connect locally to trade, removing significant latency issues that arise trading out of region. The move follows the longstanding focus on regionally sourced and accessed liquidity for UI clients, delivered by the firm’s product lines EdgeFX.Pro™, EdgeFX.Pro.EU & EdgeFX.Pro.UK, and EdgeFXLatam.

“We are excited to be able to offer a flexible solution exclusively for Asia-Pacific market participants,” commented Shilpa Dubey, Head of APAC for Edgewater. “We have clients across the region who trade with us over GUI and API channels. By leveraging our regionally based front to back hosted solution, they can now connect to us with ease without having to invest on expensive hosting and networking connectivity, thus improving the execution quality and trading experience our clients have come to rely upon with Edgewater. We provide our customised solution at a lower cost and improved performance.”

Edgewater Markets has a proven track record of delivering customised solution for each local marketplace, utilising a streamlined User Interface (UI), providing manual interaction with dynamic pricing, and hedging strategies. The solution’s modular design can be taken in whole or in part, and includes connectivity, aggregation, market making, distribution, order management, order routing, automated hedging, a branded and customised HTML5 user interface, switch bank functionality, straight through processing and enhanced risk management.

Brian Andreyko, Edgewater’s Chief Product Officer, further added, “The flexible architecture of our proprietary software, delivers customised solutions quickly and effectively, within the regions our clients operate, removing latency while delivering locally sourced liquidity specific to their business. We are committed to providing our clients best-of-breed trading solutions that optimise their specific trade flows utilising the best technology available to transact their business. Coupling local colocation with the broad distribution of the AWS Cloud for GUI accessibility, reflects this underlying philosophy.”

In September 2020, Edgewater launched a Latin America focused solution for FX called EdgeFXLatam.

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