LiquidityFinder: What To Expect From Edgewater In 2023 – Exclusive Interview With COO Matt Kassel

Sam Low from LiquidityFinder recently caught up with Matt Kassel, Chief Operating Officer at Edgewater to get an update on how Edgewater’s business has evolved over the past few months and what we can expect from the company during 2023.

Sam Low (LiquidityFinder): We’re here to discuss what to expect from Edgewater for the rest of 2023 and beyond with COO Matt Kassel.

Matt, before we look to the future, can you give us a quick bit of background on Edgewater, and an update on what’s been happening at the firm since we last spoke a few months ago?

Matt Kassel (COO Edgewater): Essentially, Edgewater is the same business as it was the last time we spoke a while back but we’ve gone through three or four different iterations of the business over that time.

SL:  Have those iterations been on the basis of growth in the company?

MK: Absolutely, we’re growing fast with our revenues increasing 50 to 100% year on year for the last four years. This is good, but also quite scary! I was a bit concerned that 2023 was going to be the year that stopped, but we’re on track for that type of growth again this year so – it’s all good! 

SL: Have there been any challenges with that kind of growth?

MK: Yes, when I started, there were six or seven of us and now we’ve got over 100 full time staff. We have migrated from being a small company to a medium sized company, opened up offices in various countries and it’s operationally quite a different beast than it was a couple of years ago. 

I’m now trying to recruit operations staff in each country where we operate. It’s a challenge that we relish to get to know applicants in different regions, and just an enormous undertaking to staff up a business that’s as scalable and growing as quickly as ours.

Once we put Edgewater out there, integrate it with leading venues over time – EBS, Hotspot, FXSpotstream, Integral, BidFX – before you know it, you’re getting dozens of names asking for bilateral credit with our PB. Managing this growth while maintaining the level of service that defines our business is an enormous task as well, so we’ve actually added another PB with Standard Chartered.And through increasing our distribution and scaling in that on-shore market liquidity, we’ve on-boarded banks and hedge funds. 

All That said, I’m proud, I’m busy, and it’s all good that we’ve built something that’s got value to the market – it’s really nice to be able to get out there and to get the word out.

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