Outlook 2023: Matt Kassel, Edgewater

Edgewater COO Matt Kassel shares his thoughts with Traders Magazine in this 2023 Outlook Q&A. Read a snippet below and click over to Traders for the full interview.

“Industry-wide, the big story in 2022 was an uptick in volatility as FX returned to more normal numbers, coming off of historic lows. […] This was also the year that tech adoption by emerging markets took a huge leap, and we’re proud to be leading the way in these regions.”

“[Emerging] markets know their bond issuances well in advance. The ability to manage their local currency forward positions is something that has never been available before, and it now presents a significant opportunity. Instead of only interacting with each other, or trading offshore on a limited basis through middlemen, onshore banks are going to be able to connect directly with sovereign wealth funds, leading hedge funds and the largest bond managers in the world.”

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