Gaining an Edge: How Our New Brand Emphasizes Our Proven Approach to FX Execution and Liquidity

Throughout our ecosystem – within our seven global offices across four continents, as well as our hundreds of clients around the world – there is a palpable excitement about the future of Edgewater. With financial institutions forced to navigate growing electronification and regulation, the need for increasingly diversified strategies in the face of volatility and client demand for differentiated trading experiences, there has been an explosion of interest in the electronic FX market.

We have seen this first-hand at Edgewater, in the form of a 380% three-year year increase in overall volume traded on Edgewater technology. This includes 140% growth in overall trading volumes over the past year, including a 240% increase in NDF and a 90% increase in precious metal trading volumes.

Working to meet this demand gave us a chance to reflect on the evolution of our business. While our core offering hasn’t changed – trade execution solutions for FX, precious metals, NDFs and other asset classes that emphasize cutting-edge technology, high-quality liquidity and local market expertise – our scale, recognition and way we talk about ourselves all have. And we decided to do something about it.

You might have already noticed the result of that decision: our recent rebrand, including eye-catching visuals, fresh messaging and more. In some ways, you can think of this as the “new” Edgewater– but while elements of our public profile have changed, you can rest assured that the products and people that got us here have remained the same. Here’s a breakdown:

What’s New

Our brand has evolved to reflect our unique combination of technology, knowledge and relationships. Our bold new logo completes the picture, blending straight lines, curves and sharp angles – an homage to the dynamic environments in which we operate.

We also refined the way we discuss our business. While we’ve always tried to highlight what makes us unique, the process of ensuring that our message is fine-tuned to our approach and our values helped us to really hone in on what sets us apart. Phrases like “The Future of FX Trading” get at the heart of what we bring to the table.

Our new website is where it all comes together. Sleek animations and intuitive navigation make it easier than ever to understand who we are and why our execution and liquidity deliver such transformative results. By showcasing our products, our global presence and our insights in a compelling new way, we are approaching the global financial services industry with our best foot forward.

What’s Continuing

While our newly rebranded business is constantly evolving, current clients will experience no change in terms of the quality of our offerings and knowledgeable, responsive support. Part of our messaging exercise was determining exactly what gives us an edge over other paths to FX execution and liquidity. With the right language to talk about these longstanding core principles, we are better positioned than ever to help our clients reach the next level and welcome the next wave of clients to further strengthen the power of our network.

  • Our Platform: Built on Modern Technology – Our solutions are feature-rich, built from the ground up, easy to integrate and customizable to help each individual client maximize its business model. Through Edgewater, your path to optimized trading strategies, reduced operational risk and automated workflows is clear.

  • Our Liquidity: Quality Over Quantity – We build custom liquidity solutions, navigating difficult credit environments around the world to find the ideal combination of price discovery and market impact. With a host of low-latency connections to key market makers and platforms, combined with strategic relationships in markets the world over, we have you covered, no matter how complex your challenges.

  • Our People: Deep Local Market Expertise – We believe that local market knowledge and relationships are key ingredients for building high-performance trading systems, so we maintain highly experienced, multilingual sales, support and development teams on the ground throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America. Understanding the unique needs of our clients, and the unique dynamics of any market they want to trade in, is of paramount importance.

  • Our Business Model: Flexible Commercial Terms – We have long waived license fees for clients that meet our minimum volume threshold, and that incentive isn’t going anywhere.

One more thing that hasn’t changed: an uncompromising mission to serve our clients and help them reach their goals. We believe that when our clients succeed, we succeed – and in the increasingly competitive global FX landscape, the value of this level of supportive partnership can’t be overstated.

We’re proud of our accomplishments to date and excited to surpass them in the future, with our new brand reinforcing our important work at every step. And we hope you’ll join us on the journey. To all current clients and partners: thanks for being here. And to everyone else: we hope you’ll take this opportunity to engage with us and learn what Edgewater is all about. We have everything it takes to help you efficiently navigate FX, precious metals and other over-the-counter markets – no matter where in the world you are.

About Edgewater Markets

Edgewater is a leading trading technology provider that specializes in FX trade execution and liquidity aggregation to help institutions trade efficiently and competitively across global markets. Over the past 10 years, we’ve earned the trust of over 350 clients by providing exceptional client service, unblemished operational performance and a flexible, conflict-free business model. Our sole focus is on helping our clients grow – because when they succeed, we succeed. For more information visit